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When you needs a dependable Notary or Certified Signing Agent, the Arizona Notary Association has what it takes to help you find one.

Just pick the date and time slot that works best for your schedule. Tell us the particulars of your notarization job, and pay our fee of $65. We?ll send a qualified notary from our network of professionals to your location at the time you specify. What could be easier?

Notarizing wills, deeds, contracts and other essential documents couldn?t be more straightforward. Our innovative web portal and 24/7 booking services make it easy to get documents certified, witnessed and signed.

What’s standing between you and the critical tasks that you need to accomplish? Book an appointment today to rethink your perspective on doing business.

About Arizona Notary Association

We began linking people and notaries after realizing that far too many consumers were going without vital business services when there were capable experts all around them. By building a unique website grounded in secure, modern technologies and backed by innovative radio-controlled dispatch, we?ve changed the way Arizonans find notaries and mortgage signing agents when their busy schedules demand that things get done.

We believe in facilitating amicable business partnerships that are mutually beneficial to the parties we serve. As such, we?ve built a current catalog of the Southwest?s most reliable certified notaries who bear a passion for gratifying you and National Notary Association, or NNA, credentials. We?re proud to connect you with professionals that can provide same-day turnarounds, and we?re continually working to improve our offerings.

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How Are We Different?

What makes us distinct from other notary booking services? We’ve set our offerings apart with features that ensure you always receive the pinnacle of quality.

What should you expect when you schedule your Arizona Notary Association appointment? You can depend on working with a professional who meets stringent NNA certification standards and passes a thorough background screening.

Need a German translation or international business contract? Our certified specialists can help you rewrite your documents in foreign languages without losing a drop of legal validity or nuance along the way.

You shouldn?t have to settle for business services that turn your schedule upside down. Our modern high-tech equipment, secure credit card acceptance, and web interface mean that no matter how unique your needs are, you can formalize vital documents anytime, anywhere.

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